Getting Involved

The Sioux Falls Kiwanis has had a rich history of serving kids in Sioux Falls! Some of our service events have been going on for decades!

Our members enjoy meeting together and serving, and our club strives to provide many avenues to become part of the Kiwanis community here in Sioux Falls and to further our mission to serve the children. Each Wednesday at Noon, we meet at the Pizza Ranch to help spur community together. We are blessed with speakers from our community to keep us up to date with events, safety, construction, and so much more.

We are inspired by our Junior Kiwanians – Seniors from all of our High Schools in Sioux Falls. Once a month, the Junior Kiwanians speak get to grow their public speaking skills by sharing where they have come from, and their plans and goals for the next stage of life after High School. We do more than meet together. We also provide multiple serving events directed towards bettering the lives of children in our community and around the world. This is a great way to collectively do something in our community. Sometimes its as easy as saying ‘Yes’.